Shame on Me

When I got pregnant with my eldest daughter, there were only two persons I came to confide with and they are my BFF Claire and my best friend in college Janeth. It was really so hard for me, knowing the person whom I thought was my knight in shining armor turns his back on me. At first, I really could not accept it, I feel like I really don’t deserve such thing, I mean I never hurt anyone to deserve such treatment. One night, as I could not bear it any longer, I ran away, I left a letter to my sisters telling them, I was sorry. I went to my BFF’s house; her family whispered a little prayer for me since I feel like I was really shattered at that time. In the morning, they talked to me too intently; they showed me things and told me that the baby inside my womb is a blessing. Shame on him, because he just let the opportunity passed away from him, shame on him because he just denied a very precious gift from GOD, shame on him because he just lost me.

From then on, I slowly fixed myself, I know I can make it and I know I have no choice but to be strong. My friend even kid me that oh well, this is my first time and if I would do it the second time, I could still say shame on them but if I ever do it the third time, that would never be an accident at all, and that she would say “Shame on Me” anymore I guess that words were always taunting on my mind because I have straightened my life, I took the right path with my kid, and look at me I have a family of my own. My husband never set my eldest daughter aside, he treats her like his own and thank GOD because he never left me when I was confused, shattered and lost.

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