Our Upcoming Beach Getaway

Ever since my eldest daughter joined a club for swimming, we always bought her swimming competition goggles, she has like 4 goggles right now, some were already damaged though, the string was cut off, or the glass had scratched. I have to thank my sister because just before her competition last month, she bought her new goggles for her competition, she loves the color. It was a combination of pink and black.

Just recently, we planned to go to the beach with the other members of the club and the kids love to snorkel or scuba diving, my daughter asked me if I could look for kids ski goggles for her to use it when they snorkel with her team mates, we had look for it in the mall but nothing in there that she likes. One of her friends suggested for us to try to look for it online, maybe we could get something that she really wants. She hasn’t done that first because of her busy schedule at school, they just finished their written examination and now she told me she just want to rest after the training. I wonder when she could try to do that online while she is also busy with her choir practice at school. Yes, aside from the training she is also joining the VOICE club at school.

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