The Past

Somebody just gave me this song, it is entitled the past and when I get through with the lyrics, I wonder. Would I really forgive someone who have hurt me so deeply and not only that has given me a mark of his existence?

I was deeply wounded before and there were many songs that I thought was related to me, one of those were “all my life” obviously that was dedicated to the baby inside my womb then, I tell you that was not easy. And secondly was the “I’ll be there for you” I guess some of you know that it was my lullaby to my kids, even my youngest know how to sing that, and she would always protests because the moment I would hum that to her, that means its her schedule for nap time.

I was really astounded when the song entitled the past reflected on me, I guess I can forgive but never will I forget the hurt and the pain that somebody had caused me, he almost ruined my life yet when the baby was born, I know a new beginning will start and would fixed my entire being, I was so lucky to have Mj in my life, even we fought a lot of times, she is always my lucky charm. The past has taught me a lot of lessons that in life, one has to be strong for her to survive. I got a lot of back ups behind me and the first one is always HIM, the one who would always look upon us when we are so down. I always thank HIM for the guidance and the wisdom, and my sisters, my friends who didn’t stop telling me that I can do it; I can surely get the life back that I once had.

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