How could she get too busy?

My day was obviously busy, I have to go to downtown to buy some car parts and I have to send it to the shop, right after I have to go to my eldest daughter’s school to fetch her. I was really hungry that time I fetch her, so I suggested to buy some snacks at the canteen at least before heading out for her KUMON. On our way out, her classmates approached her and said the audition will start now, I didn’t what was the audition all about, I just asked her yet I am still wondering how she planned that without even telling me. She thought the audition was not scheduled today; I know she wanted to join, so I let her. Her classmates told me that the school will going to pick up students who have talent for their upcoming program, I am not sure if it is a contest or not. I did not wait for her audition though since I have to exchange her worksheets at KUMON, then I have to go back to her school to fetch her again for us to be home. You see, I already came from downtown then went to the shop, then headed to the school, I have to get back again to downtown then to school and then home. Geez how could I get too unlucky and too busy these days?

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One Response to “Unlucky”

  1. murag nalipong ko sa imong ka busy Anne dah!..tsk! tsk! agi ko hehehe