Package For Me

I mentioned to my other blogs that my magic jack is totally expired. My husband has been trying to renew it but instead of renewing it with my existing magic jack, the magic jack company sent him a new set of magic jack. It is already delivered at his house now, so later this week I have my new set magic jack, new DS for Mj and some CD’s for Faith and some goodies too. It has been a while since I haven’t receive any package it is because I keep on telling him not to sent any since he will be coming home soon but if it wasn’t cancelled, some things happen to make him to delay the flight. Now I am not sure when he is coming home, well, thanks for the high technology nowadays, we can still talk everyday.

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One Response to “Package For Me”

  1. Dhemz says:

    hapit ko mawalaan da…love the layout mamiAnne…so pretty!

    agoy ka mag uli day si banana soon…how exciting….thanks sa visits!