Weirdest Thoughts

It was raining cats and dogs on our way home, it took us almost an hour to get finally a jeepney, there’s no taxi either so we really have to wait patiently for a vacant seat. Good thing, while waiting, I remember that the kids were running out of vitamins. So we dropped by at the pharmacy to buy ourselves some vitamins. I tell you, it’s a bit creepy at that area because that area was the most affected during the recent flood. The rains remind me of that flood, I was thinking what if the water would rise up again and we are still there trying to find a jeepney or a taxi, not to mention that the traffic was so heavy. Mj could swim but not me. And I think I will not let her to save me, she should save herself first. Anyway, knock on wood, I never wish of that to happen, not even in my weirdest dreams. And on that note, we were able to get a jeepney, even there’s only one seat available, I just let Mj sat on my lap before I go beyond with my weirdest thoughts.

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One Response to “Weirdest Thoughts”

  1. nyahahaha…naa ka sa crossing Mercury Drug Anne? ka wild gud nimo mag imagine hahaha..hala, pag praktis diha ug langoy or patudlo kay MJ na lang..hehe

    BTW: bitaw oi Anne, touched jud ko sa mga inahan didto sa school ba, wa koy kalibutan nga gasabot-sabot na diay sila ug unsa ila ihatag nako. mao diay cake kay aron ma share pod daw nako sa mga friends daw nako nga nag donate. abi siguro nila silingan ra ni nakong mitabang hehe…pero oi, bilib jud ko sa ila kay bisan nagkalisod, gahuna-huna ug balos…hinoon karon kumpleto na sila ug gamit kay si Nograles ba to, nanghatag ug school bag, lunch box, ug uban pa.

    Salamat sa visit oi hehe