Too Busy To Update

Look how busy I was yesterday that I did not even able to talk with my husband in the morning as scheduled:

6:00 AM – Wake up time to prepare Mj

6:45 AM- We went to school for their foundation day, Mj was one of the participants of the cheers and yelling contest.

7:00 AM- Mj’s costume was designed wrong, Mj did not give me the right demo how to do it, her teacher told us we have to make a new one. So I borrowed a foil colored gold and silver and stapled it in her skirt. The foil should be sheared and should attached the skirt.

9:00 AM- The program starts, my stomach was empty, I wasn’t able  to eat my breakfast. I watched the program until Mj’s group was at the stage.

10:30 AM- I went home fast so I can send Faith to her pedia, she had colds and cough but thank GOD she doesn’t have fever

11:30 AM – We arrived at the clinic but the clinic was full so the secretary scheduled us in the afternoon

12:00 PM – We stayed in the mall and ate our lunch there.

1:00 PM –  I let Faith played in the wonderland with sister Merlyn while I was away to fetch Mj

2:30 PM – Arrived home, got Mj’s bag for swimming and hurriedly went out to fetch Mj at school

4:00 PM – We arrived at the clinic, sister Merlyn said the doctor just got in

5:00 PM – Our number was called and Faith was checked

5:30 PM – We went to the pool for Mj’s training

6:00 PM -I have to attend Faith and chasing her at the pool, she keeps on running and wanted to swim

7:30 PM – The training was finished, we just ate our dinner there

8:45 PM- We arrived home and I was too exhausted to be in front of our computer, so sleepy!

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