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Thoughts From My Husband

This was the greeting card from my husband using the It has been years that during special occasion, my husband never forgets to give me cards online and every time I received these kinds of cards, I still feel the magic especially when the music began to play.

Why The Sudden Change?

I just learned that my friend from another networking site got married, this time with another guy. I am just so confused why did they break up with her husband before. As I could recall, they were so much in love with each other, I was even so impressed because her petition was so fast as her husband served as a military before. But I am just wondering why the sudden change, I am not sure though if who is at fault why the marriage just ended like this is. I haven’t talk to my friend for a while now and I don’t have the courage to ask her what happen. I just hope and pray this will not happen to my marriage, especially that we have kids to protect and needs our care.

PR 2 For Mary Anne’s Musings

I am so glad that my blog Mary Anne’s Musings is now having PR. I could not believe it, it has been a while since this blog had PR. Now, I am sure it will kick one more time, although it was not the PR 2 that I am expecting this blog to have as it was before, I am still thankful that this blog is back on track. Now, I am waiting for my other blog to kick it once again or have the PR back once more, it has given to her once and for a few weeks they took it from her again. But I am hoping, it will kick again the same as my other blogs.

Detox Center Program

Do you feel like you need to take away all the toxic in your body? Oh well, you don’t have to worry about it because there’s a drug detox center program that could help us in removing drugs or alcohol in our body. It was too long ago that I drink alcohol with some friends but the moment I had my eldest daughter I immediately stop drinking beers. And I don’t think I can still survive drinking alcohol but maybe I can still drink moderately. I didn’t had a hard time stopping that vice because I can still manipulate my being not to want it, there are some who can just leave that especially when it is drugs they are taking, somehow they still doing it because they cannot resist it. Toxic can really bring harm to our health, so you must need to detoxify yourself for you not to have any health problem in the next years to come. There are a lot of programs out there that could help you, you just have to phone them and consider their offers, who knows it will help you to become more healthy and lively.