Slowly Attacking Me

It is already midnight but I am still up, why? Because I just took a nap earlier while my daughter was studying. I could not bear it anymore; my eyes were droopy because of the air puff I just inhaled. We were eating Ice cream at the pool and right after, my asthma attack. I always have my inhaler with me because of what happened last month. My asthma attacked me and I did not bring my inhaler, from downtown to our house I could not talk, it was hard because I feel like I always catching my breath. From then on, no matter where I go, my inhaler is always inside my bag. And thus it served its purpose because I was able to use it when my asthma is slowly attacking me.

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One Response to “Slowly Attacking Me”

  1. Pearl says:

    Asthma is so scary. It was a traumatic experience when my teenage son had his first asthma last year, i don’t want to relive that experience ever again. Like you, I always remind him to put his inhaler inside his bag, and thank God, he hasn’t found the need to use it since that 1st attack, i hope and pray it stays that way.