All we ask is a little respect, we know that they were already separated but to post your pictures with your daughter and with him seems like you are already hitting below the belt. What are you trying to prove that my cousin was not able to win his heart? For all I care she doesn’t deserve to be treated like this especially their son, whom the father is your boyfriend who is trying to father your daughter.,

When he doesn’t have a job before, where was he? He was hiding under my cousin’s skirt. My cousin works hard for both of them and their kid and now when he got a job in Taiwan, he will just leave without even any notice? I hope you understand, you can post all your pictures but would you mind to please to put it in private so we could not see it? The thing between you and him is so new to her and us, posting all your pictures with him in FB which you put it in public is totally a blow. So if you don’t like to be insulted, BEHAVE!

One Response to “Behave!”

  1. genny says:

    wow! i can sense that you are really angry…chillax..visiting ann..:-)