She Won The First Place For The First Time

On Mj’s last event in Langoy Pilipinas yesterday, it was freestyle when she really wanted to win gold. She doesn’t have a gold medal yet so she was determined to get at least one. She was always in second place until the last event. She tried so hard to swim after her opponent, it was a challenging swim, she was right behind her opponent on the first lapse and she tried so hard to swim fast at least on the last lapse. This girl always defeated her on their previous events on that day. Although I always told her to just do her best and reach her goal, she was so happy to bring me her gold medal.

One Response to “She Won The First Place For The First Time”

  1. Clarissa says:

    Wooott!Congratulations to MJ!!You must be sooo proud of her!!^_^

    Thanks for dropping by dear,sistah Anne^_^