Watched Movie On The Internet

One of my friends just provided me this link, so after I finish some of my online task yesterday. I checked what was the latest movie that the host uploaded and my eyes grew big because they just uploaded the latest Breaking Dawn. I immediately open the site and watched the Breaking Dawn on the net, but I was not contented with the resolution I really need a bigger screen for this movie and a most clear sounds because I could not hear it with the link I used yesterday. I was just trying to understand their action for me to know what was going on; I was successful in that aspect.

I wonder what would happen to Bella then now that she is a vampire, I mean I already know that since I read the book of this Twilight Saga, but I want to know and see it in the movie. LOL her eyes went red on the last part, I love the contact lenses they put on her eyes.

Anyway, so I am thinking to watch this on Friday with my niece I hope she did not watch it yet otherwise I have to go and watch it on my own. Aside from the Breaking Dawn I also watched the Twilight again but sigh, I was not able to finish it because the Internet was on and off and today I will have to leave early to pay my PLDT bills.

One Response to “Watched Movie On The Internet”

  1. Chie says:

    now i am more curious to watch Breaking Dawn…tsk, too bad we have no Cinemas here..i have to settle on watching it online