I Was So Silly

I don’t know if I will get annoyed or I will simply admire him of being as if he knows everything.

The glass of my car at the back needs a silicone repair since it would slightly open when it’s too bumpy and whenever it rains, the water would run inside through the small slit. I thought he was the owner of that glass company since when I arrived there, he accommodates me immediately. The employee and he were checking how much silicone could they use for my car. So after a while, one of the laborers accommodated my car. I didn’t have my lunch at that time yet so I have to go away for a minute to attend my empty stomach. When I went back, this guy immediately talked to me and since I thought he was the owner so I accommodated him. He sounded so boastful, he said he just came from Texas and knows everything there and even the interviews and such. I was just like nodding at that and right at that moment, I really wanted to just gone like a bubble. If only I didn’t have to wait for an hour just for the silicone to be dried up, I will never stay there. I was actually doing his advice to wait for it for hour only to find out he was just a customer there. GRRRR! That’s why he offers me his car like he wanted to sell it and that he has a soap business. I should have known, I was so silly.

2 Responses to “I Was So Silly”

  1. Hyanne says:

    Haha, napeke ka doon ate Anne., kung alam mo lang na hindi siya ang may-ari baka nasupla mo na.,

  2. Susan C. Prather says:

    Hi Anne,

    I have experience the same experience the only thing that differ is “Sinuntok ko xa” Well right now I’m just laughing to those memories 🙂 Like my boyfriend always told me “Chill lang” 🙂