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Relay Replaced By Me

Yesterday, after I had my car wash again, when I parked at the parking area of NCCC mall, suddenly I saw water came from my car again. So I know then that the engine is starting to overheat plus I heard boiling water that supports my conclusion. Anyway, I messaged my mechanic if he could come over to the mall to fix my car but I already was really thinking to try to check the relay and replace it since there’s a car shop nearby. The mechanic messaged me back that he can’t come over to the mall because they are celebrating his grand daughter’s birthday but he advised me to just replace the relay of the fan blade. I went out in the mall, took a Jeepney going to that car shop then bought the relay that I took from the car and when I got back, the fan blade works. Thank GOD!

In My Next Endeavor For Finding A Job

I promise myself that when this year is over, I will be looking again for another job. My kids are growing up; I will just hire a nanny to send Mj to her training and Kumon so I could work. Probably, I’ll be looking to be a call center agent in a call center company; I really need to divert my attention from all of the things that happened to me just recently. You may ask why becoming a call center agent is on the top of my list for a job, while I am an accounting graduate just like if you graduated as a Cardiovascular Technologists major, you also should look for Cardiovascular Technologist Jobs, that is how it should be right? Like if you studied with that certain field, you should also find a job that is related to what you had graduated for. I was like that before, I would never apply for another field but I realized when it comes to work, I should never be picky because that is an opportunity one should never ignore. So I became a Customer Service in-charge in one of the malls here in town, I became a sales girl or a merchandiser in hardware, I was also a secretary and a payroll in-charge, and then a company hired me to become one of the accounting staff. I was able to use what I had graduated for but after a year, I thought to explore more and so I became a call center agent. I never realized until then that I love to talk over the phone, I like to be awake in wee hours just to answer those phone calls from all over the states and I always love to be in front in the computer and doing the multitask. And so in my next endeavor for finding a job, I would still like to become a call center agent.