The Kind Of Games I Played Before

When I was just a kid, I love to play yoyos but too bad because we don’t have money to buy my own yoyo so what I did, I just borrowed one from my neighbor. We get along well even he is a boy, I really love his yoyo, he taught me a lot of styles and tactics to play a yoyo and I really had fun with it. This time that I could buy any kind of yoyo, my kids doesn’t like it, they can’t get the excitement that I had before, they love Barbie dolls more and not yoyo. I was eyeing some profire yoyos in the mall but I guess it will just go to waste since my kids don’t really like yoyos. Maybe I just have to put all the memories behind and be satisfied with what I experienced before, I will have to stop dreaming that somehow my kids would love to play the games I played before.

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