Last Minute Shopping

My husband wired me money for my last minute shopping; I didn’t shop gifts beforehand because I thought we would shop together yet he was not able to make it. It was devastating, I feel like the world just stumble down on me but as I said on my previous post life still should go on. Really, I thought of letting go, obviously I am tired, I told him about that but he cried and said he will never exist if he would lose me. We are his only hope and if I would let go, he will never have a hope for everything, he ask for forgiveness and maybe because I love him so much. I forgive him, I just asked GOD to strengthen my patience and understanding, as I really don’t know when can we be together.

Anyhow, here are our gifts for my kids, nephew and nieces. When they opened it last Christmas, they were so thankful yet my eldest daughter wished her Dad was with us to celebrate the Christmas together.

One Response to “Last Minute Shopping”

  1. Rosemarie says:

    I know the feeling mommy as we are in the same boat. I and my boyfried has been planning of living together pero laging hindi na tutuloy. I’ve thought of letting go and giving up but i love him so much. I am just praying for more patience..