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AnneBisyosa Concert

I don’t know what to write here, but just a while ago I’ve just watch  the annebisyosa concert through you tube although not all but at leave we are able to watch some parts of it . So here’s the video of Sarah G and Anne Curtis.

Entrecard Issue

What’s wrong with the entrecard? When I tried to log in, it is so slow and when it is open up, it would say:

  • Entrecard is having technical issues. Any of the following may apply:
  • We may be suffering extreme load (lots of people)
  • We may be upgrading our server software
  • We may be suffering from a serious bug
  • We have on-call people watching the system, outages are unlikely to last more than 10 minutes. We apologize profusely for the inconvenience.

So what’s up with it? Do you also encounter the same issue? Have you resolve it? Please tell me what would I do with it, thanks!

For Our Teens

Teenagers today like to wear a lot of different types of jewelry and make up. My two nieces are very different in what they want to wear and in what make up they want to use. The older one is 18 and is more traditional, the younger that is 15 likes to dress be a bit more shocking. But both of them would look nice wearing a ball chain necklace. It would make a nice gift for either of them. They are stylish and I think they would go with most types of outfits or make up. But, you know teenagers; they think they know what is best for them to wear. For me If I were to give them something and they did not like it, will it would be the same as buying it for myself.

Had A Good Massage Today

I just had a good massage today, my friends and I went to Brokenshire to have our massage. I just love their way of making you feel good while they massage you, it was completely relaxing. And now I feel tired and wanted to sleep, my eyes are droopy and it seems like anytime soon it would close. So goodnight everyone!