Entrecard Issue

What’s wrong with the entrecard? When I tried to log in, it is so slow and when it is open up, it would say:

  • Entrecard is having technical issues. Any of the following may apply:
  • We may be suffering extreme load (lots of people)
  • We may be upgrading our server software
  • We may be suffering from a serious bug
  • We have on-call people watching the system, outages are unlikely to last more than 10 minutes. We apologize profusely for the inconvenience.

So what’s up with it? Do you also encounter the same issue? Have you resolve it? Please tell me what would I do with it, thanks!

2 Responses to “Entrecard Issue”

  1. spiky says:

    i did experience the same issues. it has been 2 days for me already maybe it is related to the shutdown of adgitize. so devastated at this moment.

  2. Fishlover says:

    I was encountering the same the other day and yesterday they were down but when I check it just today It is back to normal. Infact I’m dropping you on your EC.

    Everyday Fish
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