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Wednesday White # 5: Flashlight


Recently my daughter is amazed with how the light of the flashlight can work for her imagination. She would put the flashlight on the bed facing the wall and there she sees the sun already, sometimes she would stand up in front of the flashlight and she would say, “Mama, I am big!” She would also create a bird, a snake an airplane using her hand against the ceiling while the lights directed to it. Every night she would beg me to give her the flashlight so she can create some shapes with her shadow out of the light that came from the flashlight.

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Window Glass Is Fixed

I went out early today so I could send my car to the expert of removing the window glass at the back of my car, the adhesive tends to loose so I have to have it fixed before it would break. The removing of glass was not easy, I could see they perspire a lot while trying to remove the window glass; they used nylon to loosen the adhesives. It was a good way to remove it. They said that is the only expert who can remove it otherwise the glass would break. Right after they remove the glass, I went out for a while to deposit some money in my bank and eat my lunch in a mall, when I got back they have my window glass fixed already, they already clean it and installed the glass. While I was driving there are no more bang  I could hear at the back, but I still have to be careful when its bumpy or else I would ruin the adhesive taped that they apply. But tomorrow, there will be no worries because the adhesive tapes are already strong now thus it is safer to drive.

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Waiting For A New Template

I cannot wait for the day for this lay out to be change, I have an issue with the template recently and I don’t know why. And since it was instructed for the code to be deleted, I deleted it now you would notice that my footer was a little distort and the side bar would intend to be gone if you click one of the post. I already have contacted my friend to make a new lay out for me, she already responded and I am so excited of the day she would send me the new lay out. I can’t wait!

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I’ve Done A Good Job In Multitasking

I have done a good job this morning, I was able to do multitasking and it was just so right. I was able to wash the car, have MJ studied her English even though she was still sleepy yet she answered the answer sheet I gave her, and have prepared and cook fried chicken, which is my daughters favorite. And unlike before Mj was able to eat her breakfast just before her carpool arrived.

Now I am going out to look for a spare tire for my car, I have mentioned here before that my tire was flat while driving along Ponciano. As of the moment I don’t have any spare tire at all and I am worried of having a flat tire incident again and I am not ready. Ciao here folks I need to go!