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Gloomy Weather

We will be going to Cagayan De Oro tomorrow and yet until now I am still here at home. I did not prepare yet and I did not went out yet to get the money that my husband wired for me for our expenses by tomorrow, good thing Mj doesn’t have training and Kumon today so I have the whole this afternoon to run my errands. Maybe because the weather contributed my laziness today, it has been so gloomy since this morning but I really have to get up my butt here in the computer I need to prepare our things right now.

ECG Machine

I am constantly trying to learn new things. I like to know what is going on around me, especially when I visit my doctor or visit friends in the hospital. I have always been fascinated by medical technology and machinery. I often wonder how do they record things. The ecg machine is one of those that has me curious. I know what it is used for, but how does it manage to record what it does and how are the results interpreted. Learning about modern medicine and the machines, like the ECG machine, that doctors use to do their job is fascinating to me.