I am so tired already, I had been waiting for you for a while now and yet you are still not here. I don’t know what to do but one thing for sure I will never expect at all despite of the promises you said because totally I am tired of listening about it. I would have to pursue my dreams and I will do it so these are the mission I need to do this year:

  • I will look for a house for assume in this area so I will never worry anymore for our shelter just in case…
  • I will enroll myself for masteral so to apply for a teacher in college.

2 Responses to “Missions”

  1. bisdak says:

    hala mao ba, wa pa diay pag lambo ang inyo papers day? mao ay manikay sikay ta kay galakat ang panahon para naay ani..good luck sa missions unta matuman ang tanan!

  2. bisdak says:

    tuod, guapaha daw niyag layout oh