Wednesday White # 3: Thank You Cards

I won a giveaway last year and I was wondering why I haven’t received the cards that were promised to me at all. It is because it stock in our post office for a long time already, the address was not that clear and they only knew that it was in our subdivision. The postman knew my sister and our house so he keeps on asking about me, yesterday my sister called me that I have something in the post office so I went there and got this nice thank you cards.


11 Responses to “Wednesday White # 3: Thank You Cards”

  1. Clarissa says:

    I love your Thank You cards~simple is the best!^_^

    Happy Wednesday Whites!

  2. maau giabot japon imo thank you cards Mommy Anne, d man jud parehas dire sa USA nga tga blay ug apartment niay # busa dali ra matultulan. Returning the visit from WW.

  3. Enzo says:

    Simplicity and Neatness at its best. I love white.

    Visiting from WW.

  4. Gaylee says:

    better late than never! good thing you received them, hihi! nice cards by the way 🙂

    visiting from WW…

  5. Deli says:

    Elegant cards 🙂 Thanks for the visit. Have a great day 🙂

  6. emzkie says:

    pretty simple cards. i love the color.

    visiting whites! here are mine

    Snow Day and Hello Kitty iPhone Case

  7. Pinx says:

    those are nice cards… congrats by the way for winning the giveaway. late visit for WW!

  8. cheerful says:

    looks so lovely, very neat. glad you still got it. visiting from WW, hope you can visit me back. thanks and have a great week. 🙂

  9. raya says:

    beautiful card! thanks for joining.. here for a very late WW visit!