After The MP, We Went To ZP

And right after our dinner at Marco Polo, we also went to Zed Pizza it is a resto bar where you could sing your lungs out in front of the people who are also divas in the making. Some voices were like okay; some were like trying hard some did sing great and if you would ask me which one I belong, oh well the okay and the trying hard. LOL but no I did not sing last night, I was so shy, yeah I also gets shy when shyness get me first so expect I would be shy the whole time. We just ordered 2 drinks one for my friend and one for me; it was not heavy alcohol though because I still have to drive going home. My friend sang and yeah she still sings so well, I really like her voice and I would always kid around that I am her manager so if ever you would hire her for a wedding singer, you contact me first but I didn’t know that one of her friends also claimed as her manager too, I just knew him last night and no we didn’t talk about how could we convinced our friend to come out in the open but we talked about cars since he have a shop. I asked him about upholstery but I am not sure if I would pursue what we had talk like I will just go there and he would see how much or how many days would it be for upholstery for cars. Sigh I am still contemplating if I would have to have the upholstery but I hope I can so at least my car would look good to you and the others LOL.

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