Flat Tire

I am already using my car now and so far so good, except this afternoon when I went out to pay my bills.

Right after I sent Mj to her tutorial session, I went out to pay my telephone bill immediately. The car ran so smooth, I didn’t had any problem on my way but right after I put my payment in their machine, I notice that the tire at the back is flat. I shrugged, this car never ceased to surprise me so I texted the owner of the shop to ask him if he knows any vulcanizing shop in the area. He response immediately and so I left the car at the parking area and went to look for any vulcanizing shop. I got one, he had tools and all and perfectly he replaced my flat tire, I have another tire for reservation though so it went okay. I just thought that what if I didn’t have any reservation and all the stores are closing, what would I do then? But anyway, I would make sure that I always have another tire at the back and with that I will have to buy a new one because the tire that was flat could not be repair at all. The mechanic said, maybe that sharp object that causes the tire to flat was only when I entered the gate of the telephone company because of how it was ruin my tire, if I had it before, I will never make it to the telephone company.

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