She Loves Music

My eldest daughter wanted to enroll in a guitar lesson here in our place on summer, she has been talking about it from last summer though but I didn’t allow her since she was too busy with her tutorial sessions and her training. But now since the summer is fast approaching and we dropped one of her subject for tutorial, I guess she can enroll now for guitar lesson and I am sure her friend would tag her along since she learned playing a guitar with the same school my daughter will enroll to. My friend referred me to a store, which sells guitar I will be going to that store one of these days but I am concerned with the quality and durability of the guitar and it strings. Rotosound guitar strings are the only strings I know that has the best sound ever, I am sure if we would buy that, my eldest daughter would be very happy then. I hope she will be a great musician in the future if ever she won’t be successful with her swimming at least she had another option now she will enjoy doing as I can see she loves music so much.

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