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Window Glass Is Fixed

I went out early today so I could send my car to the expert of removing the window glass at the back of my car, the adhesive tends to loose so I have to have it fixed before it would break. The removing of glass was not easy, I could see they perspire a lot while trying to remove the window glass; they used nylon to loosen the adhesives. It was a good way to remove it. They said that is the only expert who can remove it otherwise the glass would break. Right after they remove the glass, I went out for a while to deposit some money in my bank and eat my lunch in a mall, when I got back they have my window glass fixed already, they already clean it and installed the glass. While I was driving there are no more bang  I could hear at the back, but I still have to be careful when its bumpy or else I would ruin the adhesive taped that they apply. But tomorrow, there will be no worries because the adhesive tapes are already strong now thus it is safer to drive.

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