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Will Invest Books

It has been a while since I did not buy books for my kids, I know it is not good to say an excuse when the kids learning is involved but now I am trying to correct it and will invest books for my kids. From now on, I will have to spare my time to be with them when they study, I guess that’s a nice bonding with them. I just hope that my youngest will be serious now especially when she is going to a real school. With my eldest, she would still go to the same school; I will just transfer her when she is already graduated from grade school. This Friday, I promised to buy them books.

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Online Accounting Degrees

Online learning has never been easier. As a matter of fact, my husband completed part of his Master’s degree by participating in two of his courses on line. I have been thinking of going back to college and I looked online degree programs. One of the degrees I looked into was Online accounting degrees. My eldest sister worked in the accounting department of an eyeglass company and she like doing the work. I know that getting an accounting degree can help me get a good job. A skilled accountant can make sure all their business and personnel financial information is in order. An online accounting degree is something that I may want to pursue.

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Wednesday White # 9 : The Graduates

Just last Saturday, my youngest daughter just graduated from Nursery, I am so proud of her performance at school, even she did not get the outstanding award I am still so proud of her because she got the Most Polite and the Most Punctual, both awards were a surprised because with her being so kulit, I could not believe it that at school she was behave sometimes, I know she won’t bully with other kids, I saw her at the ceremony, there’s these 2 kids who is trying to fight with her but she just did not response to them, instead she just sat down on her chair and watching the Kindergarten’s performance in the stage.


And here’s Faith, sitting on her chair. We were afar from her so I set the camera for zoom so I could still take a picture of her just sitting down with no extra running.


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I don’t usually wear jewelry, I only have my wedding ring and engagement ring that I usually wore on my finger but when I saw this october birthstone, I can’t take out my eyes on it. How I wish I could have that necklace or that earring, I fell in love with it suddenly because my birthday is on October and I can’t help myself to drool with it. I have bought my youngest daughter an earring two years ago, it was also her birthstone and she looks lovely on it. But the other pair is gone now, it was lost before her graduation day and I am also planning to buy another pair for her, maybe I will buy our birthstone for earrings in the same time, oh wait I still have one daughter to buy a pair of earrings, geez this is so hard.

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