No More Headache At All

This afternoon just when the Internet got back, I felt a little bit dizzy and suddenly my head is aching. I was not able to fetch Mj, I just asked my sister to fetch Mj to send her to KUMON. I slept for a while, but then Faith keeps on waking me up because somebody was outside, it was the delivery boy for our purified water, and so I have to get up for them. I slept again but after a while the carpool of Mj arrived with her bag, so I got up again. When I finally sleep for like 30 minutes this time, I heard somebody is doing something in the other bedroom; I got up again to check only to find out Faith lying down in the bed while kicking the door. I lie down with her and after a while she got up because she wanted to watch TV. My head is aching so much this time; I need to buy a medicine right away. We went out, holding Faith’s hand and together we bought a medicine and a biscuit for her and lollipop. Good thing Mj and my sister arrived after a while so I was able to sleep seriously this time because somebody is already looking after Faith. I just got up now with no more headache at all.

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