Do Not Leave Your Things Unattended

Last night, when we were about to go home, I took my phone from my bag and started playing the music. My sister suggested that instead of my phone, we would use her phone to play some music as she had a song there she wanted to listen. So I just turned my phone off and put it down. When I went home last night, I didn’t realize that my phone was not in my bag, I just went out from the car and went inside our house. I usually park the car outside our gate, as I still don’t trust myself running the car to park in our garage.

My youngest daughter was whining so we went to bed a little bit early. I was already lying down in our bed, my mind was nowhere, I could not sleep but I know if I would get up, Faith would wake up too. The clock strikes almost at 12:00 a.m., when I realized I left my phone in the car, I checked for it in my bag to make sure but nada, it is not there! I woke Mj up, and told her to watch me while I open the gate to get my phone. Good thing Mj followed me even though she was half asleep, of course it is her cellphone so she should be concern enough, I took the phone then I hurriedly locked the gate.

Do not leave your things unattended inside your car; even you parked it inside your gate. Culprits are everywhere; you will not know when they would strike. There are already many incidents of that here, these people victimized many our neighbor before was one of the victims. The culprits took his money inside his car while they were sleeping and you know how much was it, it was P50, 000 pesos.

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