Accentuating Your Album

I always love taking pictures, in fact we got more than 10 albums big and small in our shelves but that was way way back. What happen to them now, it is still in our shelves trying to survive with insects that keep running through and fro. It was all behind; no one dared to look at them because mainly the latest pictures are uploaded in FB and or just in the hard drive. The friends are just looking at the online album and the not the hard copy at all, I mean why do they have to look at them in the album while they already looked at those smiles in FB. I am sure they already memorized the events that you put in the title, you could even put where did you take those pictures. Albums became dull, untouched boring or something so I guess it is time to start a scrap booking, it is a kind of album also that has accentuating materials for each page to level up. You could put a label in each picture with an image of a sun when you’re at the beach or smiley face or anything like that. Highlighting the most important parts of such event can give your album livelier, more fashion and absolutely not boring at all. You can transform that boring album or pictures into unforgettable memories with the backdrops and designs that you are putting in for each page and events. I am sure if you would hand your album to your guests, they would tell you to create more or if fortunes kick will give you a hint for a business.

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