The Usual Saturday

I just had a normal Saturday, I woke up early to prepare as Mj prepared her stuff for her training. It is unusual to arrived at the clubhouse before our coach but I guess I was able to be there first because I took the Diversion Road again. As always whenever we gathered together, we always have lots of fun! The tournament in tennis is still going on at the tennis court, we were able to see and have our picture taken with Clarisse Patrimonio, the daughter of Alvin Patrimonio and the sister of Tin Tin Patrimonio in PBB. Clarisse Patrimonio is known to be the 2nd or 3rd best player for tennis here in the Philippines. Thus, I didn’t slip the moment, I asked my friend to ask Clarisse if we could have a picture with her. The kids also went up from the pool and hurriedly went beside Clarisse. It was a great experience indeed! Then later we went to a shop where our starting block was made, and then we went to the cousin of my friend who is an architect so we can instruct her what to do with the starting block. We got back to the clubhouse to fetch the kid and then went home.

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