Truck Driver Jobs Includes Passion And Dedication

When I was working in a hauling company delivering kerosene and gas to the station few years back, I was impressed with how our drivers managed to take the challenge when on the road. Their truck was loaded and yet they were able to deliver it properly to the station. I know how hard it can be to be a truck driver but for me Truck Driver Jobs are such a noble. Come to think of it, even how loaded their truck is, they were still able to drive properly and sometimes they have to deliver the goods at night since there’s a schedule for truck ban they have to follow. Since then I always wish to become a truck driver but to become one is not that easy because it required dedication, patience and passion plus at that time, I still didn’t know how to drive and I don’t have the license too.

My workmates who were truck drivers told me that I should be just behind the papers, I am effective and fit on that work but no one can stop my curiosity of their work. I once asked them of how they manage to step on the accelerator when the road is uphill, they answered that even though they are in a hurry and want to deliver the goods quickly as they can but it is best to be safe for them to be home to their family without any injuries.

Years passed by and now that I am driving my own car, I thought I will stop dreaming to be a truck driver, I am actually seeing myself to be one in the future although that is just too impossible. I am certain that my husband won’t allow me. But even so, it never stops me being vigorously proud of them.

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