So Many Things I Had Accomplished Today!

We went out this afternoon to buy Faith a new white shoes and to buy Mj a new head cap as well. Her head cap is almost torn apart now so since she has been doing good with her training, buying her a new one is not bad at all. I also need to go to the mall to pay our light bill and PLDT bill, it is so nice to know that malls now are offering these kind of services so when the customers are too busy and they can only pay during after office hours, they could still pay for it since malls are open until 9:00 p.m., it so much convenient for us since we are so busy during the day.

Moreover, when we went to the Speedo stall today, I asked them if they could let us borrow a banting for our competition, the staff immediately replied with my inquiries and she said yes we can borrow banting and backstroke marker from them, we just need to send them or hand her a letter for supporting documents purposes. It is such a good feeling that some people are really generous to answer your favor. It is really not my thing to ask and if I do, that means I am expecting an answer whether it is positive or not. Anyway, I would like to thank Speedo for letting us borrow the banting, this really mean so much to us. Way to go DSLSC!

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