Wednesday White # 9 : The Graduates

Just last Saturday, my youngest daughter just graduated from Nursery, I am so proud of her performance at school, even she did not get the outstanding award I am still so proud of her because she got the Most Polite and the Most Punctual, both awards were a surprised because with her being so kulit, I could not believe it that at school she was behave sometimes, I know she won’t bully with other kids, I saw her at the ceremony, there’s these 2 kids who is trying to fight with her but she just did not response to them, instead she just sat down on her chair and watching the Kindergarten’s performance in the stage.


And here’s Faith, sitting on her chair. We were afar from her so I set the camera for zoom so I could still take a picture of her just sitting down with no extra running.


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3 Responses to “Wednesday White # 9 : The Graduates”

  1. Rovie says:

    wow, congrats mare… nakalahutay sa nursery si faith… hehehe goodluck to another school year na pud…

  2. emzkie says:

    aw.. that is so cute. congrats to your daughter sis!

    from WW, heres my share

  3. congrats Faith for graduating the nursery πŸ™‚ congrats on the awards too πŸ™‚ you look so pretty in your dress πŸ™‚ Dropping by for Wednesday Whites.