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Only In Seconds

While we were enjoying our time in Camp Holiday last week, one girl was struggling in Gulf View Beach Resort.

My friend told me the news when we were chatting last week; she said that the girl was seen floating in the water already. A Police came to help her, got her up from the water. They tried to revive the girl, they could still feel her pulse but maybe because of too much water that she intake, and her heart was already drowning, she was not able to make it. The 911 arrived after a while, but when the girl was sent to the hospital, she was already dead.

Accidents happened only in seconds, so we better be careful when going to the beach. Parents should always watched after their kids especially when they don’t know how to swim. You could talk or chitchats with friends at anytime but the safety of your kids should be prioritized at any chances. Remember it is only a split of seconds when things like this happened, take good care of your family first before anything else.

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After The Massage

When we arrived home yesterday, I message my friend who does a body massage, I was really exhausted and I feel like I was having fever. I thought she won’t arrived since it was already dark when I message her but then I was so happy that she still find some time to came over and offered me a very relaxing body massage.

After the massage, I slept immediately. Good thing my niece stayed one more night so she was the one who take good care of my youngest daughter. I slept at the other bedroom so F could not disturb me, when I woke up the living room is already dark; they already locked the doors and the windows and turned the light off as well. I felt so well after I rested and since I could not sleep yet, I browse a little here yet I can’t write some updates, I was just so lazy to do that yet. But really, the massage has done me so well.

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Nano, Great Gift Ever!

It wasn’t too long ago that my nieces were very happy to have an MP3 player. I mean they could have all their favorite music and take it wherever they wanted. Now that they are a bit older, the old MP3 player just does not satisfy them anymore. They want something better and with more functionality. Something like the 8gb ipod nano. The iPod Nano is small and portable just like their MP3 player, but has much more functionality.

Another advantage of the Nano is the fact that it can play video and has 16GB of built in memory. They can still have MP3 formatted music as well as other video and audio formats. This is something that both of my nieces would enjoy. They have to be careful of my youngest daughter though. She will want to handle any new “gadget” that comes into the house.

One of the things I like about the Nano is the battery life. The battery life supports 24 hours of music or 5 hours of video. If you have an iPod dock, you Nano will fit right in. It also has a USB port to connect to other devices. So for my nieces this would make a great gift.

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