After The Massage

When we arrived home yesterday, I message my friend who does a body massage, I was really exhausted and I feel like I was having fever. I thought she won’t arrived since it was already dark when I message her but then I was so happy that she still find some time to came over and offered me a very relaxing body massage.

After the massage, I slept immediately. Good thing my niece stayed one more night so she was the one who take good care of my youngest daughter. I slept at the other bedroom so F could not disturb me, when I woke up the living room is already dark; they already locked the doors and the windows and turned the light off as well. I felt so well after I rested and since I could not sleep yet, I browse a little here yet I can’t write some updates, I was just so lazy to do that yet. But really, the massage has done me so well.

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