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So Greedy!

There are really people who are so greedy; they just don’t care to share. But when they would ask for a favor we were there for them.

In the pool where our kids were on training, there’s another club, which also have a contract in using the pool. We are aware of the fact that they had occupied first the place ahead of us. So our coach wrote a MOA to the clubhouse, stating that we are not a-learn to swim club but our kids are already on training so the management allowed us use the pool. We were being so patient; the other club has already 2 lanes of using the pool. They even put a floater on that side. The kids would only swim those lanes that are available and if there are other kids who would swim there, we give a way, sometimes the kids will swim in circles just to spare those lanes for the homeowners or the walked in. The other club occupied two lanes that no one could get inside or anything.

Today we are pissed off because our kids could not even do lapse because they occupied the area that the kids would passed, they have their floater in the two lanes and two of their swimmers are using it. We understand that they are teaching some kids to swim there but we were only asking for at least one lane for 8 swimmers yet they said no, the coach who had the face of a monkey told us that they will use the pool up to 6:00 p.m. So greedy, as if he is the owner of the pool while they are also just renting it like us. But because our coach doesn’t want to create trouble he remained calm about the issue. He gave way to the other coach and told the kids that they could swim at 6:00 p.m.

But the mothers are pissed, I mean it is just a matter of sharing and yet they just don’t care at all. Such a greedy coach, I am sure karma will get on their way soon.

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