It Is Best For Them To Know How To Swim

This morning, I woke F up for her swimming lesson, at first she said she doesn’t want go but later she got up from bed and asked for her swimsuit. Our coach and Ate C were already there, waiting for us, F and I walked fast so she can start her lesson right away. She was listening to her coach at first but later all she want to do was to play. I invited my sister too for a swimming lesson, I’ll just be the one to pay the coach fee, I just asked Ate C if I could pay that later next month, she said yes though, so my nephew went there for a swimming lesson.

Why did I encourage my nephews, even my nieces for a swimming lesson? Because everyday especially on summer, there are many kids are drowning. They struggle and most of them did not make it, I don’t like my nieces or nephews to experience the same thing so as long as I can, even that means if I have to withdraw some of my savings. Letting them learn for swimming is all worth it. So to all the mothers, I tell you it is really advantage if our kids know how to swim because we can trust them when they are on the water and we are less worry and would be confident that no one can harm them.

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One Response to “It Is Best For Them To Know How To Swim”

  1. Naigel says:

    Actually I don’t know how to swim, but my husband teach me on how to do this exciting activities… there’s nothing to try, trying is learning and learning is about fulfilling one self into success…