Pissed And Mad

I was pissed off last night; my eldest daughter was so stubborn when we asked her to get some new bed sheets to be put on our bed. She cried so hard when I scolded her and she never stops when I told her to stop. I was disappointed and was really mad to the extent that I really need to get out from the house. I told my niece to pack her things and drag my youngest daughter outside; I started the car and was ready to go out, maybe to find a hotel for us to stay overnight enough for her to realize that it is really not good to be stubborn. She peeped in the window; I felt pity for her so I asked my niece to get inside the house and told her to stop for the last time because if she won’t, we would really go out so we can’t hear her crying. My niece went back for a while and told me that she stopped already, so we went back inside and sleep. It was such a very not good night for us.

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