Beware when you want to buy a casing for your phone and they will be the one to install it, make sure that all the parts are installed properly because I was a victim last week.

I bought my daughter a new phone so I decided to buy a new casing for her other phone so I could use it and I would feel like it’s also new. When the installation of my casing was done, I kept on coming back to their store because there are keypads that won’t function at all. Until yeah they had made all the keypads work this time. But when I arrived at home, I noticed that I don’t have even a single line for my signal. And when I checked my daughter’s phone, it was the opposite.

So I decided to go back there by the next day, but when I was ready to go to the mall. I noticed that I already have a signal. So I decided to set it aside and thought of maybe, our place has a weak signal but when I arrived home, I still have the same issue.

I went to other mall to have it checked and they told me that the antenna was not installed. The technician who

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