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Maybe it is wrong to expect more to a person or thinking he or she is loyal to anyone and he or she won’t do a thing that can ruin a friendship and a relationship. Maybe I am just so attached with the group that’s why I am affected like this and don’t feel like it is good to go back.

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Before It Gets Worst

Do you sometimes fall asleep in an instant perhaps when you are only taking dinner or writing something? Like insomnia, you also need some medication and probably you need to buy modafinil for that, but first you need to ask your Doctor regarding with your sleeping disorder so it would be corrected early.,

I have experienced that one time in my life but it was because I lacked of sleep all the time for I was working in a night shift. There was one time that I attended a mass and suddenly I fell asleep while standing, I feel like I was hit by a piece of wood in my knees that it bend, my sister really thought I felt dizzy and collapsed. But no, I just fell asleep, it happened to me in the call floor as well, I was typing and yet I was asleep, I just noticed that I was already sleeping because the technician on the other phone repeatedly said hello. That was embarrassing and totally it could possibly gave me a negative remark towards my work, good thing the QA didn’t hear my call that night otherwise I could be fire from my work for that.,

Thus, if you have this kind of illness, you should not try to work in a call center or in a night shift because it could ruin your health more.

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Last Monday, Jm called her coach to ask her of her program for swimming since she will be practicing alone at Rizal stadium. And yes she did a good job and she followed of what her coach want her to do.

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Like Me Or Not

If the opposite sex has done good for you, would she or he consider your admirer like an instant? Geez!

I remember way back then I have this neighbor whom always told me that the guys who were posting at her store at night has a crush on her or like her. But for God sake, those were only teenagers who doesn’t have fun at all so together with friends, that place was their rendezvous. And she was already like 40 years old at that time.

Before claiming somebody or tell our friends about this guy, maybe we should think for a while if they really admired us on a special way otherwise we might be embarrassed in the end.

If a person has offered us some help or accommodated us, it doesn’t always mean that they like us intimately. Geez!

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