Cough Resulted To No Voice

I don’t have voice at all today, my husband called me on the phone asking if where we were but he can’t hear me anymore. My cough started when we went to Manaoag to hear mass and to see the Our Lady of Manaoag there. It was an amazing experience and as they said, if it’s your first time to visit a church, your wishes will be granted so my daughter has a lot of wishes and one of them is for her to get into the finals.

On the other note, it was so hot there in Manaoag and it added when we ride in a van, even it was aircondition, it didn’t work at all. My youngest daughter was so tired and fell asleep during the trip. We went immediately to Robinson to freshen up after a while we went back to the boarding house we were staying and my cough started and it was so hard. This morning, this was what I got, husky voice, I couldn’t even talk. How I wish my voice would get back during my daughter’s competition otherwise I could not cheer for her at all.

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