Could Not Sleep

I just could not sleep on the first night that we were here in the Pension House here in Baguio. I was updating my blog here and my sister and my two kids were already sleeping when I heard somebody knocking on our door. I was about to open the door when I realized the door doesn’t have a peephole, so I didn’t open it. I thought whoever that person was will go away, he or she was maybe lost or something but later he or she tried to open the doorknob. I was really scared, not only that as I didn’t open the door, I heard somebody keeps on walking outside.,

The Pension House doesn’t have the intercom and there’s no way that the door has a double locked. I stood there looking the door, then he or she stopped. I immediately went to bed but I just turn the TV on until at dawn, I could not sleep and I keep an eye to the door until my eyes closed. I guess that was already 2:00 a.m. that I finally closed my eyes.,

I have informed the front desk the next morning but the lady just smiled at me and told me that it was maybe one of my company but they were already sleeping! To just make it fast, I just asked if they have a guard roaming around each floor I hope that was true!

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