From Baguio To Dagupan To Manila

I really don’t get easily tired of traveling but today I just can’t deny it was too tiring indeed.

We woke up again this morning early so we could catch up the 7:00 a.m. trip going to Dagupan as our things were there yet and we need to get that before heading Manila. It is a two hour travel from Baguio to Dagupan, good thing that my kids are sleeping during the trip; well aside from it was too cold when we left in Baguio that absolutely made them so want to sleep.

But when we went in Dagupan, if the Baguio was way too cold it is exactly the opposite in Dagupan. It was dreading so hot and we started already to take off our jacket that we had been wearing from Baguio. We ate our lunch quickly so we will arrive in Manila early. it takes 4 hours to travel from Dagupan to Manila, if they didn’t had a movie to watch inside the bus, it could be too boring just sitting down there. The kids did not complained at all, oh well it was just it gave me headache because it was a bit bumpy on the road.

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