My Friend C

I am happy to know that my friend C found someone who can make her happy. We were friends for years already and I am the witnessed with how she struggle from the previous relationship, although I didn’t cried with her but I always there to listened to her. Now she resigned from work to wait for her future husband, I could see her bloomed each day whenever she talk about her boyfriend. For you my dear friend congrats and always remember that I am always be there for you whenever you need a friend. Love yah!

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One Response to “My Friend C”

  1. Joe says:


    Thank you so much for being there for Cheryl. I have learned to love her so much. She is my life! What is so great is to know that she has such wonderful, loving friends. I look forward to meeting you soon. Again I feel so comforted to know such wonderful people like you exist in this troubled world.

    My love I send to you,


    Cheryl’s fiancee.