Happy Wife Here

I miss taking pictures but the battery of my digital camera easily gets drained. I told my husband about it and he said he would be looking for another camera for me to use. I teased him if he could buy the DSLR that I had wanted to have since then, and he answered me “maybe”. Yahoooooo!!! I could see a glimpse of hope to own a DSLR camera, actually he already bought the Android that I asked him just this year, hmmm actually I didn’t ask him but he just offered me an Android. Then the next day, he showed me all so sudden the Android in the web cam. I was surprised; I didn’t expect that it was that early. I don’t know how to use the Android though but I know I can follow the instruction that is if I will not be lazy to read. LOL! Android before and now I am waiting for my DSLR, thanks hubby!

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