Webcam Is Not Functioning

I have my brother-in-law reformats my computer and the only problem I have after the reformat is the software that needed to be install in your computer and one of them that I really have a hard time is to connect again my webcam in the computer. I have not given up until I realized that my old webcam does not fit in the OS that my brother-in-law installed. So I bought another version of A4tech webcam yesterday. The staff showed me that the webcam is working properly so I grabbed it as it was just plug and play. When I arrived home yesterday, I plugged it immediately in my computer. I was so happy that it was just so fast and easy. I could already see myself in the webcam and mind you, it was so bright, and has a nice effect and for me it was just so perfect. I invited my daughter and niece for a picture taking in the bedroom. Until at midnight when I opened the cam again, the image was saturated much, I could not even see myself because it was totally black. I unplugged and uninstalled the driver but it was still the same.,

I called the store this morning and told them about the cam, they just told me to bring the camera there and they will have to see what they can do. But grrr when we arrived at the store, I didn’t know that the cable was left at home. Sigh! So I don’t have the webcam now, my husband could not see me. Tomorrow I will go back there for them to check the cam, I hope they will replace it right away. Hoping here!

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