Highest Expenditures Every Month

Communications costs for businesses can be one of its larger expenses. In this troubled economy, not only do we as individuals seek ways to save money and cut back on expenses, so do businesses. One of the jobs my husband has had in the past was one of office manager. At that time he was in charge of arranging for services and paying the companies bills. Well he told me that telephone costs were one of their highest expenditures every month. He said he wish he would have been able to use something like vonage business to help him reduce communications cost. If he would have had the advantages of today’s technology those fifteen years he is sure that they would have been more profitable.

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One Response to “Highest Expenditures Every Month”

  1. genny says:

    same tah opp ann, pero wala man ko husband…mao lahi akong pagsulat..hahaha agi ko ann