My Webcam Works, Thanks To Hubby!

The webcam A4tech PK770 was not replaced, too bad because when I went there and the staff checked the webcam it functioned very well. So I called my brother-in-law who reformatted my computer, I just thought that it has to do with my webcam’s problem, my brother-in-law then told me maybe it is and he will be visiting the house one of these days to fixed it up.

But when I told my husband about it, he then give me out some instructions that could help me to set the webcam. I even told him I have already done with the setting but it still did not work, but of course my husband is so stubborn and told me to just follow him and yeah it works now I have a very fine webcam results. So I promised myself to follow always my husband’s instruction so I will never go wrong. Hahaha!

To set it, my husband just instructed me to open my webcam in YM, put the brightness 100% so on and so forth, I am worried to open the setting folder again, I might messed it up but if you have a problem with your cam just set and set it in YM and it will work.

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