The DepEd Code

I am so tired, this morning my sister was not able to catch it on time with my youngest daughter’s class. So I was the one who prepared her for her to go to school and accompanied her to her school. When she arrived at school since the parents are not allowed anymore as it was in the DepEd code to stay inside the school premises, we have to go out yet or to go somewhere and we’ll just be back during the pupil’s dismissal. Thus, I went to the mall to buy some frames I could use for our new pictures, I also bought bangles too that I could match with my purple shirts. I guess if your house is too far from school you need to plan where will you go and do when you are out from school, make sure you know how to just window shop, otherwise you would always spend much during the two hours of being at the mall. You can go to your friend’s house too that is if they are just within the area. Every parents had a say with this code though, I mean if its only two hours like toddlers have, they should make a waive or give the parents a space, in where they could spend their time while their kids are in the classroom. Geez!

The carpool was already waiting for us when we went out from the school, we just went home late because we have to dropped by at the other school because her carpool has also some students to fetched there too. I was just brought F to their canteen so we can munched some snacks, and I also told my niece to buy us a box of midgets when she gets home for our snacks at home.

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